Integrative Nutrition
Holistic Health

Establishing the connection between mind and health

In my healing journey I found an undeniable connection between my health and my emotional state. Health is multi-faceted and is shaped both internally and environmentally. Learn how to recognize this for yourself.


Meet Alaina

I am an Integrative Holistic Health Coach certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Helping people simplify wellness by focusing on emotional healing is my specialty. I believe in food as healing medicine and will help guide you back to the basics with a focus on mindset.

Self-healing is remarkable and creative. I believe the body - if given the chance - will heal itself. To find true well-being I shift the focus to emotional healing. This highlights the recognition of habits, energy and beliefs that no longer serve you. I help provide tools for your self-healing polishing mindset care and nutritionally dense foods.

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Holistic / Integrative Health Coaching 

Abandon the stressful cycle of an all-in or all-out health philosophy based in experimentation, cultivate confidence, clarity and have the tools to listen to your body

The resistance that prevents you from living up to your full potential, the insecurities that block you from high achievement and the overwhelm around creating a sustainable foundation for well-being.


I feel so much more grounded, naturally. The results are systemic — it’s been incredible to focus on one area of my life and see beautiful things unfold everywhere. To feel comfortable to debrief without judgement. It’s more than that really… Working with Alaina has been so fulfilling and down to earth. Beyond the classic medical approach to getting healthy… couldn’t recommend it enough.”

Best investment I've ever made!

— CG

“I feel like I’m taking big strides in my personal growth since we first talked, I’m really looking forward to the future now and feeling grounded in my approach towards health and wellness. It’s go time!”

I feel like I’m taking big strides in my personal growth

— ZA

“I seemed a bit tense coming into the first part of our time together but I am continually grateful for the space you provide me with to be open and honest. For the first time in a long time, I feel comfortable simply “talking it out” with someone and I could not be more appreciative. I now see this process as a journey, not a specific destination, but each session I learn so much and it feels so refreshing to verbalize some angst I have pushed under the table for years! So yeah, THANK you.”

I am continually grateful for the space you provide me with to be open and honest

— CO